«The goal of conflict is not victory, but progress.»

«Conflicts do not necessarily require a consensus, but always require dialogue.»

«Much love is lost between what one says and does not mean and what one means but does not say.»

«The goal of conflict is not victory, but progress.»

«Conflicts do not necessarily require a consensus, but always require dialogue.»

«Much love is lost between what one says and does not mean and what one means but does not say.»

«Conflicts do not necessarily require a consensus, but always require dialogue.»

«The goal of conflict is not victory, but progress»


I provide support during life’s challenges and conflict in the following areas:

Partnership & Marriage

For couples who face difficulties in their relationship when it comes to topics such as communication, sexuality, family planning, career decisions or finances. I support both partners in gridlocked situations where breakthrough and solutions are required in order to gain new perspective and fresh stimulus in the relationship.

Third Culture Kids &
Expat Lifestyle

For Families who live an expat lifestyle and are facing challenges like settling down in a new country, culture shock or social and emotional challenges while adapting to a new school or work environment.

Family & Parenting

For parents who have different views on raising children or want to clarify issues with their children in matters as follows: parental responsibility, school and education, cultural differences, religion and family values, curfew times, media consumption or handling alcohol & tobacco.

School & Social Issues

I provide support to parents and children in all questions concerning school, care and education. I mediate in conflicts involving school teams as well as parents, teachers and caregivers on behalf of the school management. The aim is to restore mutual trust and find constructive solutions.


Counselling & Parent Coaching

I provide support in times of change and challenge in relationships and everyday family life. My goal is to enable you to reflect on your own role and patterns of behavior by organizing your thoughts, perceived interests and wishes and consequently define personal goals. This process leads to conscious action in daily life and taking effective personal responsibility.

Conflict Coaching

In conflicts, it is not always both parties who are prepared to cooperate together to find a solution. I support you in the process of reflecting on your contribution to the conflict and changing your own behavior. If one side changes, the other will not remain the same. In hopeless and complex relational entanglements, space to breathe is created, which empowers one to act and experience new hope and zest for life.


When one feels helpless or under attack and unfairly treated, this readily leads to conflicts where one person is the winner, the other the loser. In such gridlock situations, I help to bring some light into the fog and help clarify misunderstandings. If both partners are willing to face the problem, mediation is an out of court, clearly structured creative process that is a proven method of resolution in conflict, where neither side loses. I believe that at the heart of every conflict, it is possible to find constructive solutions and harmonious agreements for all involved.

«Conflicts are a source of further development and new beginnings.»

About Me

I have supported numerous couples and families in times of crisis.
I enjoy accompanying people who are willing to courageously tackle their challenges. If we manage to successfully resolve conflict, our differences enrich our lives.

After several years as a class teacher with my own class and various assignments as a support teacher, I lived in Mozambique for several years with my husband and our four now grown-up children. In my work there as a psychosocial counselor and mediator, I gained a lot of experience with families in an international environment.

Since my return to Switzerland in 2016, I have been working in Zurich as a couples and family counselor, parent coach and mediator in my own practice. My professional approach is holistic, systemic and solution-oriented.



Claudia Schweizer Paarberatung und Mediation


I enjoy the company of all sorts of people and am interested in the variety of their lifestyles and concerns. I find it easy to put myself in someone else’s shoes and understand their point of view.



As a working mother of four children aged between 16 and 22, I know the ups and downs of relationships and family life from my own experience.


As a child and later on with my own family, I spent several years abroad. I gained extensive experience in counselling children in an orphanage as well as young people and their families from 46 different nations at the International School of Mozambique.



My principle of operation means that the problem is not considered in isolation but takes the social context into account. I develop concrete forward-looking solutions, which are implemented step by step with the resources of the person concerned.

Current fields of practice

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«Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to handle it.»

„Claudia Schweizer has counselled numerous people at the American school. Within a short time, she has proven to be an indispensable asset; the quality of her work was appreciated by the parents and school body alike.“

Adrian F., Father and Entrepreneur, Swiss Expat in Mozambique

"When my wife passed away unexpectedly, Claudia supported my two boys (7 and 12) and myself in the following months. Throughout this whole process, she was very competent and professional. Through her calm and empathetic nature she helped my sons find ways in which to process the tragic event. She was an enormous support for which we are incredibly grateful."

Robert V., Father and Professor of Geography from California, USA

„Claudia has a distinctive interest in finding the most suitable and sustainable solution for any problem, sparing no effort in working towards it. She takes each conflict seriously and has a quick grasp of its intricacies. As the school principal, I knew I could always count on her support and accurate professional understanding of complex situations.“

Colleen F., Secondary School Principal, International School, Maputo

„My daughter experienced great difficulties in finding her place at a new school. Claudia Schweizer took her in and made her feel understood in her pain. She is a gifted listener and her advice is neither judging nor controlling. In an open-minded way she helped our daughter restore her confidence and encouraged her to find her way.“

Mia B., Mother, Consultant, Schweden

„Claudia Schweizer encounters people with a respectful and appreciative attitude. Judging people is not in her nature. With an abundance of empathy, professionality, and emotional engagement she creates a trustful and heartfelt environment.“

Daniela A., Mother, Consultant Financial Planning and Pension Provision, Zurich

„I got to know Claudia Schweizer as an intelligent person who can recognise and reveal complex situations. With much empathy and wisdom she brings clarity and develops constructive solutions. She radiates warmth and follows a holistic approach.“

Nicole S., Mother, Psychologist & Career Coach, Zurich

„Claudia Schweizer knows intuitively how to create an environment of trust, which made it easy for me to delve into difficult topics with her. Her empathetic and open-minded understanding made me feel understood.“

Daniel H., Father, Social Educator and Artist, Zurich,


My clients are involved in the consulting process in such a way that they determine the pace and duration of the process. Often many issues can be resolved, and goals achieved with just a few sessions. The sessions usually last 60 minutes and are charged as follows:

  • CHF 220.- Couples counseling, mediation, also shuttle mediation and parenting advice
  • CHF 400.- Separation and divorce mediation in co-mediation with a lawyer

On request, legal and other professional services can be referred to appropriate
specialists from my network and charged separately.

I offer my consultations and mediations in English as well as in German. Location is in Zürich. However, different locations can be arranged upon request.



Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you within 24 hours and if you have’nt received an answer, please check your spam folder.

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